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    Exported pdf is weird


      I created a document in InDesign CS5.5 for the Mac using OS10.7.5. I used a very dark background color as a frame or matte. Then over that I put a very light colored layer as background for the document. On top of that I put text. When I tried to export the document as a pdf, the light background color is black! It is arranged in front of the dark color with the text in front of the light color. I first tried this with the two background colors on the master page. When the pdf wasn't right, I put the light background color on the page (page 1) as a background with the text on top of that.  When that didn't work, I brought the dark background color from the master page to the actual page. All of these versions exported the same with the light background color black.


      The document prints just fine from InDesign. I wanted to email it to someone so I took a screen shot of the document and that worked just fine. However, this is a complicated project and I really am going to have to be able to create a pdf for it.


      I have done this many times with other documents with no problem.


      Does anyone have an idea what is causing this? I tried quitting InDesign and then reopening it to no avail.