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    Importing & Editing iPhone Video, but end result horrible Quality?? Why?

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        I imported a few videos from my Iphone to edit in PE7. After editing and rendering, the resulting video looks like crap compared to original. I did a test run of a short clip with no editing whatsoever and rendered as a MPEG2 to upload to a webpage and it still looked horrible compared to the original. The iPhone files are Quicktime .MOV video files. Ive had no other problems before with other sources and just wondering what Im missing. Ive tried googling and cant find any help. Thanks.

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            Well, Ive kind of figured it out, but not completely. I guess I have to set the resolution in my project settings when I open the new project. At first, it seemed that fixed the problem. But not quite. Im using two clips and placing them side by side of two different camera angles. In other word, 2 videos on the screen at the same time. One video was shot landscape and the other horizontally. I have the settings set for the landscape clip, 1280x720. In the preview window, they both look much better, but once I render, the landscape clip looks like crap while the horizontal one looks OK. Im just wondering since these are both digital sources, that they would render almost identical to the original source file, but theyre not. WHat am I missing?

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            What Windows computer operating system are you running Premiere Elements 7 on....in case we have to add Windows specific details.


            Which iPhone is involved - and are you saying that the video at issue is 1280 x 720 which has a file extension of .mov? Are both your landscape and portrait oriented video from this same iPhone at the same resolution and other settings? Look at the frame rates especially.

            a. What specific project preset are you setting in the new project dialog?

            b. What is the frame rate of this iPhone video and is the frame rate a constant or variable one? Is may be that you will need to send the video through a program such as HandBrake to change a variable to a constant frame rate. I will give step by step on that if it comes to that.



            Do you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer with Premiere Elements 7?


            What are you using for export - File Menu/Export/Movie or Share/Personal Computer/QuickTime or other?


            Does your quality issue extend to still images as well as video clips?


            Let us start here and then decide what next.


            Thank you.



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              Thanks for your reply. Let me see if I can answer everything in one swoop. PE is running on W7, iPhone5S for the horizontal clip, iPhone5 for the vertical clip, NO, not the video from iPhone itself, but the video from the iPhone that PE7 renders after importing and editing looks bad.As far as project presets go, I choose the only one that has the same resolution as the iPhone video, 1280x720 (the NTSC 720p preset. On a side note, why is there no 1080p preset for editing 24fps 1080p source material? As far as framerate, Im not sure how to determine that other than looking at the properties of the clips from PE7 itself. The iPhone clips showed as 30fps. Don't know how to check for the variable part. I have QT7.7.5 installed. When I export, Im using the Share/PC/MPEG2 or WMV or burn to disk. Don't know about still images. I may do a quick test run after this comment to see what would happen.Again, thanks!


                OK, I did a test run with a still image and it too looks fairly bad. The still image has large pixilation artifacts all through out it.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                There is no project preset for 1080p24 in Premiere Elements 7. It is not until Premiere Elements 9.0/9.0.1 that we do find the opportunity.




                DSLR 1080p24


                So, what to do with a 1080p24 (Stereo audio) and Premiere Elements 7 and end up with a 1080p24 export to file saved to the computer hard drive.


                (1) Import with the project preset of


                AVCHD Full HD 1080i30

                The prime objective of the project preset is to direct the program to set up the 1920 x 1080 space in the Edit area monitor. This project preset will serve that purpose until you want to do frame by frame by frame editing which you are unlikely to be involved in.


                (2) When it comes to export the 1080p24 Timeline content


                Personal Computer


                with Presets = HD 720p

                then under the Advanced Button/Video Tab, customize the Export Settings to look exactly like what you see in the screenshot below: If the screenshot does not present clear enough, please click on it to bring up a clearer view.




                Please check out my blog post on Premiere Elements 24p features.

                ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE: 24p Conversion Methods, Pulldowns, and Related Interpret Footage


                Now with regard to what you seem actually to have....


                1. Both cell phones (iPhone 5 and 5S) are probably giving you 1080p with a variable frame rate up to 30 frames per second. Depends often on the lighting during video recording with the device.


                a. If you are having problems with this video, then take it into HandBrake before importing it into Premiere Elements 7 in order to change the variable frame rate to a constant one. The MediaInfo video audio properties readout program will give you the minimum, mid range, and maximum frame rate used in recording the video. Go with the mid range reading.


                MediaInfo | Free software downloads at SourceForge.net

                Even the latest Premiere Elements versions can have problems with variable frame rates of cell phones and those other devices that work with a variable frame rate.


                b. Let us assume that you have a 1080p with the mid range 24 progressive frames per second used for these cell phone recordings.

                Import the 1080p24 with the constant frame rate into Premiere Elements 7 with the project preset cited in example above.


                c. Then use the export route that I described in the example above.


                If your iPhone videos have frame rates other than 24 progressive frames per second, we can discuss them individually.


                Do any of your source videos for these project need rotation. Other topic for discussion. For now, the above principles should apply to your video. Handling of portrait oriented video in a landscape oriented video is other topic for discussion. But, let us see how you work through the above.





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                  Daffypuck Level 1

                  Thank you so much for informative reply.ISince ill be doing more projects in 1080p with my DSLR, Im gonna look into upgrading to a newer PE. Right now Im concentrating on digitizing all my home videos from VHS. On a side note, when capturing analogue source material, does it matter what my project settings are? Thus far, Ive gotten good results without even paying attention to the project settings prior to capturing. Again, thanks for the info on the iPhone video.


                    Where in the heck is the upgrade option for PE? I find every other Adobe product on their site, but noPE. I find the price of it, but no where to DL.

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    The Premiere Elements versions are all standalone programs. The upgrade in terms of Premiere Elements refers to a price break you get if you buy directly from Adobe and have proof of purchase for another earlier version. I would strongly advise you to look at the Premiere Elements 12 free 30 day tryout before purchase. There is a marked change in workspaces 7 vs 12.

                    Premiere Elements 12 Tryout


                    Premiere Elements 12 Purchase From Adobe



                    You might want to look at my blog posts on

                    Premiere Elements 12 First Look

                    ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: Premiere Elements 12 First Look Details


                    Premiere Elements 12 Daily Discoveries



                    If you are starting with VHS, I believe you are stuck with 720 x 480 4:3 (NTSC) or PAL counterpart 720 x 576 4:3.

                    The Premiere Elements project preset should match the properties of your source. In versions of Premiere Elements earlier

                    than 11, the default project preset is NTSC DV Standard or PAL counterpart and you are the one to set the project preset to match the source video. But, in Premiere Elements 11 and 12, the default project preset is NTSC AVCHD Full HD1080i30 or the PAL counter part of that and the project is supposed to automatically set the project preset.  Depending on how accurately or not 11 or 12 automatically sets the project preset, you may have to set the project preset manually to match the properties of your source.

                    ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE11: Accuracy of Automatic Project Preset (New Project Dialog) Setting


                    Please review and consider and let me know if you need supplemental information and clarification.


                    Thank you.



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                      Daffypuck Level 1

                      Ill do that. Ill also check out your blog as well. Right now its pretty easy capturing editing and burning my VHS sources. Occasionally I do run into a small snag and try and look it up online. Again, thanks for your quick responses.