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    How to handle the shared LIVE stream on Facebook that already became a VOD streaming file?


      Hi all,


      I can share a embedded MP4 file on Facebook with facebook OG tag so that people can view the video with inline video player.

      Streaming from FMS 4.5, the embedded LIVE streaming link can be http://<mydomain>/VideoID.f4m

      When internet user viewing/sharing the same link on their facebook, the view the link stream as well.


      When the LIVE event has been completed, the recorded MP4 file would be work as VOD streaming, link like http://<mydomain>/hds-vod/VideoID.f4m


      The problem is that when people click on the previously shared link on facebook, the embedded link is the "http://<mydomain>/VideoID.f4m" that do not exist.


      How can i redirect the f4m to the VOD f4m address? Thanks.