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    Default Font Won't Apply in Bulleted Lists


      Hi all...


      Minor problem that I've been "working-around" for a long time now, but this AM, it just finally hit me to try to search out a solution.  I'm currently using FM 11 (in Windows 7), but this has been an issue as far back as FM 7.


      In a Bulleted List-type paragraph style, if I apply a Character Style to it, it seems to be "stuck" with that style -- Attempts to highlight it and set it back to the "Default (Paragraph Symbol) Font" Character Style don't work.  My work around has been to:


      1. Highlight the offending text.
      2. Select the "Default (Paragraph Symbol) Font" Character Style (even though nothing is applied).
      3. Select a new Paragraph Style (any one).
      4. Re-select the appropriate Paragraph Style.


      This resets the Character Style to the Default Font, but it's kind of a pain.


      Any ideas on why this is the case?


      Thanks a lot,


      - Chris