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    Text Variable wont line break

    Daniel Flavin Level 4

      I'm using File Name as a text variable. (Book document; the File Name Text Variable occurs on each document first page, master(s), and at the end.)

      The line won't break which is a deal breaker for some frames; it's pretty ugly justifying 60 characters in a 4 inch frame.


      Variable is defined with different Paragraph Styles which do not specify Keep or Justify; just Align Center.


      Seems to be a bug, is this normal behavior?


      Text Variable.JPG

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          That's the nature of variables. As far as ID is concerned, they are a single character and they cannot break nor have different parts formatted differently.

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            Daniel Flavin Level 4



            I'll use live type for the instances.

            Thank you Peter

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Daniel Flavin wrote:



              As Designed...


              If you want variable to break you would need to do something like a series of running header variables based on Character Styles, and use nested styles in the original paragraph style to assign different character styles to parts of the paragraph. I don't see this as being viable for filenames.

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                I like the way variables work in ID CS5, for the most part.


                However, I am used to create in-line text placeholders in the document template. These placeholders usually look like {{placeholder_name}}. The key here is to be consistent with the placeholder name throughout the whole document or book. Some of the names I use are {{model}}, {{description}}, {{doctitle1}} (for cover page and body text), {{doctitle2}} (for headers), {{doctitle3}} (for file name), etc.


                This way, I can make a global replacement by simply searching for the placeholder name (e.g., {{model}}) and then replacing it with the wanted text. Notice that I include the curly brackets in the search string. Because the replacement text is real text, not a text variable, it follows all the local styles and rules, whether it is in the body text, header, footer, heading, title, etc. This includes following hyphenation and line breaks.

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                  I made 3 paragraph styles for three lines (the same paragraph style with different names) and assigned a variable to each, worked perfectly for my purposes.