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    DNG doesn't recognize my CR2s.  Why not?


      I am pulling my hair out trying to make DNGs, since apparently simply opening a file in Photoshop is not an option with my incredibly widely-selling camera (Canon T3i).


      So, I have the appropriate version of DNG for my OS (yes, I checked), and when I try to convert a folder, I get "The source folder does not contain any supported camera raw files."  My folder full of CR2s just as they come out of the camera.


      On my laptop, when I try to convert, I get "Unable to parse files", and "No files were converted".


      Hello?  Apparently I have geniuses in my computers.  Can anybody help?



      I am operating Vista Ultimate on the desktop, with CS5, and on the laptop, Windows 7 with CS4.  I have also installed Camera Raw updates on both machines.