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    Quiz – Managing Security


      What is the right answer? I thought it is “Create a new delivery”, but it was marked as Incorrect.  Also, should it say “right” instead of “write” in the question itself?

      Question 3

      Select the appropriate response

      The PREPARE DELIVERIES named write lets you do what?

      Analyze a delivery

      Compose delivery content

      Send a proof

      Create a new delivery

      Submit Reset


      Bullet 3 :Campaign managers can insert and edit folders => in Campaign Management only? It seems that Administrators can do this without any restriction.

      All of the following statements about folders are correct, except...

      Access rights are propagated to sub-folders by default

      Contents can heterogeneous, i.e. of different data types

      Campaign managers can insert and edit folders

      Entities can be dragged and dropped from one folder to another

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          Linda Stinson Adobe Employee

          Good catch on the wrong use of write! The correct answer is Analyze a delivery. Delivery preparation refers to generating the mirror pages, populating the personalization fields, etc. all of which happens when you analyze the delivery during a manual Send. This is a rather specific example, but I believe the slides use this example.


          Challenge question: how could you test this to figure out the answer? (You don't have to do it, just think about how.)