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    Photoshop CC on Windows 7 is saving the file "date" as the created date not the modified date

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      I have been using a much older version of PS (CS2) and just decided to update to PS CC. I have installed the trial version of PS CC and will begin the CC subscription as soon as the trial expires.


      I have noticed that PS CC saves the (main) date of the files as the "created date" not the "modified date" as it pertains to Windows Explorer and the Windows OS.


      Here is what is happening: I have a file that I created in 2007 that I use for a template. It is sized to specific dimensions, etc. and when I do my save as, it automatically saves into the desired file folder, so that's why I use this as a template. I setup a new photo and then drag and drop it into my template, flatten the image and save as. When doing this with PS CS2, the date for the newly saved file was assigned as the modified date (current date and time). So, when I searched for the file in Windows Explorer or when I went to open the file, the date shown for the file was the modified date. NOW, with PS CC when I perform the exact same process and do a save as, the file date shown in Windows Explorer and/or when I go to open the file is showing as the created date (3/9/2007), the date that I created and saved the template I use. This is aggravating to me because now when I want to open a file and sort by date, the date shown in Windows Explorer is not accurate. As far as I can tell, this only happens in PS CC. When I open an old file with ID CC and do a save as, it applies the current date, not the created date. And, when I was using PS CS2, whenever I did a save as the current date was applied as well.


      In summary, when performing a save as, the created date is being applied as the main date instead of the modified date. The question is: Is there a way to change this so that the modified date can be applied as the main date for the file when performing a save as?