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    Premiere Elements 12 (Mac) "This project appears to be damaged. It cannot be opened."


      I have read the forum posts regarding this issue and was unable to fix it.  I was working on a project this morning on my iMac (2009) with latest Maverick OS, and all up-to-date on the software,  and things were working fine, as they had been all week. Nothing new.  I save often and have autosave on as well.  The program crashed, and when I tried to open the file again, I received the damaged file message. I am able to open previous projects, and make new ones. Only this one seems corrupt. I tried opening the older versions that were autosaved (project-1, project-2, etc) none of the 5 will open.  I tried moving the supporting media files to a new folder, and the project still won't open.  I didn't try uninstalling and reinstalling the software, since it didn't appear from reading previous posts that that has solved the problem.   I wasn't trying to do anything fancy, but in the last version I had added and was editing one of the rolling title frames, with the provided font.  I know that in the past I have had the program crash when I used large media files in the project, but that wasn't the case here. Is there another way that I might be able to recover this project?