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    Mouse pointer disappearing when recording audio?


      I'm having trouble recording audio in presenter -- when I get started recording, after the first slide the mouse pointer seems to disappear onscreen. I can't do anything except clicking escape which brings up the save window and I can use my keyboard to navigate and click save. Then the mouse reappears.


      Has this happened to anyone else? Any solutions?

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          Yes.  This has happened to me, consistently.  I am using Windows 8.1, Office 2013 (64-bit).


          I have Adobe Presenter 7 and 8.  I purchased 10 (as an upgrade), but it wouldn't install because the "upgrade" is ONLY available if you're upgrading from Presenter version 9 (something they don't tell you before you buy).  This is a separate issue--I've asked for a refund and in the meantime, I'm using the trial version of 10.


          As I record, I notice the arrow from the mouse-pointer disappears and will not re-appear.  I must hit "escape" and save the work that way.  I have tried re-booting, and disabling add-ins.  Nothing seems to work.


          I'm afraid we have another "glitch" in an Adobe Product.  What else is new?