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    Tile Transition Code Required

      Can someone please supply me with code that will do the following.

      I am trying to use a tile transition to fade between images and then when it reaches the last image I would like to move to the next frame to continue with the flash document.

      What I am trying to do is this. Use the tile transition to play anything from 20 - 30 images depending on my preferred length of display for each image, then as the transition reaches the last image e.g. number 30, the tile transition would stop and the flash would go to the next frame and continue with the rest of the movie.

      Can you please supply me with the correct code for this to work. I can soon amend the code (as in for number of images etc). If I can get the code to tell it to jump frame on image x this would be greatly appreciated.
      I have tried to add code to jump to the next section which I can get to work it however it wont loop the images first.

      The code in the component is

      function nextImage() {
      setInterval(nextImage, 6000);

      This makes the images loop on a continuing basis. Are you able to add in what is required (e.g. a counter or something like that & gotoandplay function) so once the x image is reached it moves on.

      Unfortunately this is something that I would require ASAP as my deadline for this is Sunday 13th May 2007.
      If your able to assist on this it would be greatly appreciated.