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    Should I just build this whole presentation in Ae?

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      Hi there,


      So after putting way too much time into a PowerPoint presentation, I'm just not happy with the quality of the output. A direct output from PowerPoint doesn't look nearly as good as I'd hoped. I've got both Flash CS6 and After Effects CS6 and I'm wondering which one I should use if I want to scrap this and just recreate it. I haven't recorded the audio yet, so that won't be an issue.


      I liked being able to click through to advance the frames, but this is only going to be used to make a YouTube video, so I don't technically need to be able to click through it to give a presentation since I'm ultimately just recording the presentation to a video and not ever standing in front of an audience to delver it. I want to be able to fade-in all of the text, arrows, and crossing-out of labels for cross-cancelling to make it look like they're being "drawn," because I think it adds quite a bit to the process. I've figured out how to get everything done the tedious way in Illustrator + Flash + After Effects - but I'm wondering if I can/should cut Flash out of the equation? Managing this whole thing my tedious way in Flash seems a bit daunting, so I thought I'd check in with others before I get started!


      What about Captivate? Thanks for any input!


      Here's my PowerPoint:

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You have typos in there and the choice of font and its formatting is questionable as is the unscientific use of marks and demarcations. There are rules for that. Otherwise I'm not sure what you are aiming at. Unless you plan on making this one of those awful "über-fancied" NatGeo pseudo-docs, there is not much you can do. Presenting math formulas simply is not particularly visually attractive. Also from an educational POV you completely miss the point of explaining why rounding/ number beautification is even used and you chose an inadequate way of explaining it. All my nerd obsessions aside I don't see what using another tool would give you that you couldn't do with PPT in the first place. the flaw is with the whole approach and the design, not technical limitations.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Your powerpoint moves awfully fast and does not have an audio track so it's very hard to follow. Adding audio after you do an animation is a backwards way to do this kind of project.


            If you have never used AE before expect to spend at least a couple of days learning how it works. You can make presentations in AE for sure, but you need to do a little more work on the concept to make it effective.


            If you like what you did in powerpoint and you are only concerned with the quality of the render then you should be able to render your Powerpoint to a better codec. If you spent 'way too much time' in powerpoint, expect to spend even more recreating that project in AE. AE is powerful, but creating a project where you have to animate everything by hand or by animation preset is not nearly as fast as creating presentations in Power Point.

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              That's why I didn't ask for an educational POV. I thought I did a pretty good job of verbalizing my question; I'm sorry if you misinterpreted. I appreciate the advise on the formatting, because I'm not an expert there. As for the rest, be careful that you don't come off as just another of those awful pseudo-experts--the Internet is rampant with them


              To ease your mind, the basics of math and rounding, which anyone who's graduated high school should be familiar with, are addressed in a separate presentation so as not to bog down a quick and dirty introduction to dimensional analysis.

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                Rick, thanks for the constructive feedback. The more time I spend trying to mimic some of the actions that I like out of PowerPoint, the more I think I may need to look for a different way to encode my final presentation. Being new to this, I also realized last night what you've pointed out - I need to be doing my voice recording for each of these problems first, and then building the process based on that. My version of PowerPoint will only output at 780p, so I'll experiment with screen capture at 1920 x 1080 and see if I can get the quality I'm looking for. As for the timing - yes, this was just a quick dump straight to video without any regard to timing... I just wanted to see if I was headed down the right path or not. I'll spend a bit more time in PowerPoint before i abandon it. If you know of any way for me to output 1080p from PowerPoint I'd greatly appreciate the input.