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    From Excel to DataGrid (via Clipboard)

    olegkon Level 1



      I am currenly using AS3XLS to export data from Flex 4 DataGrid to Excel (XLS),

      works fine, but only allows to use 256 chars (BTW, can someone tell how to overcome this).


      Now I need to import data from Excel to Flex4 DataGrid.

      Since AS3XLS doesn't support Excel 2007 (c'mon, it's 2014 already...),

      I am trying to Copy data from Excel (to clipboard) and then paste it to DataGrid.


      I have seen that post for doing it using Flex3:

      Import, Export, Copy & Paste Flex DataGrid | Hillel Coren


      But it uses PHP (not really familiar with it)...


      Is there better way doing it in Flex 4?


      Any help is very appreciated!


      (Using Flex 4.5.1)