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    Bug with dynamic Text

      Alright I used dynamic text before but this seems to never work UNLESS the dynamic text is on the root

      1)I have a movieclip
      2)It as a load event that change a text from a dynamic text USING the
      this.My_text.text = "A" in the movieClip
      3)It has a empty on press event (To turn this movie clip in a button since I hate using default buttons)

      My text won't show AT ALL unless I break it appart and use
      this.My_text.text = "A" in the root

      Anyone has had similar problems and found a solution (I have like 20 buttons and I don,t want 20 different movie symbol)

      I am using flash 8 professional

      The code I used work so it's not how I typed it....even worst the DEFAULKT value won't show (The one input in edition)

      The text IS there because I did trace it so it's not that either