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    I want live help


      how can I get a live person to help?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Select a topic, then click I STILL NEED HELP to start Premiere Elements chat


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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running? You have posted in the Premiere Elements Forum so we are assuming your questions are related to Premiere Elements as opposed to Photoshop Elements. Is that correct?


            Probably the extent of any "live" contact with Adobe is going to be channeled through the online Adobe Chat


            1. Contact with Adobe support is through Adobe Chat.

            a. Adobe offers technical support for the current purchased, registered, current version (12) - free or not free. If not purchased, registered, current version, then you will get bounced back to the forums for a user to user reply.

            b. Depending on what topic you pick in the link, you may get bounced back to the user to user forum.

            c. If you have a Serial number issue or activating my program issue, Adobe Chat will, under most circumstances, be able to help you irregardless of the Premiere Elements version.


            To reach Adobe Chat, click on the link below, and, when it opens, click on the statement "Still need help? Contact us." to bring up the Adobe Chat to discuss a topic. The one's likely to get you to Adobe Chat, and not bounced back to the forum, are

            Downloading, installing, and setting up


            Orders, Refunds, and Exchanges

            I have set up the link for "Downloading, installing, and setting up" for a start.

            Contact Customer Care


            In some of these online interactions, Adobe can do remote troubleshooting of your computer if your circumstances quality for its help.


            Remember, we are not Adobe. Just users in a Premiere Elements user to user forum.


            We would be glad for the opportunity to try to help you with any Premiere Elements workflow issues, but we do need lots of details for us to help you and would expect your follow up to get to a successful conclusion.


            Please review and consider.


            Thank you.