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    contacting support fiasco




      I need to cancel my CC membership. Adobe has a wonderful way of making this difficult. First I go to my account >Plans where I find an explanation to cancel my plan by contacting support. I click the hyperlink, and come to the help page. Select product (CC) , select Cancel my membership, select Cancel membership, (annual or team), (and this is where it gets groovy!) Select To cancel your membership at any time, contact us, Click the helpful hyperlink and VOILA right back to the Contact Customer Care - What product do you need help with. A circular help system. Wonderful you can chase yourself around and around until you disappear up your rectum and still not get any answer! Marvellous Adobe.


      Can someone explain how one actually contacts customer care to cancel a membership please.


      Thank you.

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          Bhakti108 Level 1

          Umm Thanks John but you didn't read the question correctly. What that link takes me too, is the start of the wheel. One can go  round and round all day ---- etc. This not a contact link, it is a frustration link. Perhaps you could follow the path and then you wold see what I am up against. Thanks for the try though.


          Can anyone else give me the answer

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            Bhakti108 Level 1

            Aha -- I found the answer, after delving into the site and finding the office locations, and ringing Sydney I find out that you are not allowed to cancel the memberships online because there is not facility to charge the credit card. Strange how they don't tell you that at any point in the daisy chain of hyperlinks. Adobe products may be good, overpriced, but not bad, however there are others like FCPX that are just as powerful, cheaper and who don't run you around like a chook with its head cut off. This is one dissatisfied customer that certainly will not touch Adobe products again.