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    Adobe Flash Problem with Interference... of a Program I am trying to write.

    jerry rodrigues Level 1




      I have a problem where

      Adobe Flash Suddenly comes on when I am writing a Message on a 123greetings card & suddenly Adobe Flash

      coming on with an advertisement & completely interferes with my competing my greeting card.


      It not only blocks anymore writing, but sends my card into limbo/into space with  complete loss of it. It does this sometimes in the middle & often when I often when I have it almost ready to send... it completely knocks my card to my wife off me off & it disappears suddenly.

      AND THEN, I have to start Al Over Again!


      Sometimes it does this over & over until I quit writing & just finally give up!


      WHAT can I DO?


      I even finally tried UNINSTALLING the Adobe Flash, but it wouldn't but I couldn't even find where I could do that.


      WHAT can I do to Fix this Problem???


      Please Advise,

      Thank you,