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    Constant Crashing in Indesign


      I am running Indesign CC on a Windows 7 PC.


      I am a magazine designer and i build 100 page documents and work on a single document for 2 months at a time. Of late i am constantly having problems with my files crashing when i am trying to move content from one document to the other. I save back up copies and split documents in two and none of this is helping. It is constantly happening to my documents.


      I have tried a variety of ways of moving content from one file to another to try and stop it form happening.


      I have rebuilt whole 100 page magazine files to try and fix corrupt documents but then the same thing happens with my new documents. I have uni-stalled and re-installed Indesign too to try and save a whole magazine file. I


      What is going on and what can i do to fix this? I am wasting HOURS trying to work around Indesigns constant problems.


      I pay so much for the use of the software and all it does it waste my time, it is driving me bloody crazy.!! Does this happen with anyone else??


      I have no confidence now after working on a magazine for 2 months that the next time i open it the file is going to be okay to work with.


      HELP!! So frustrated