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    how to apply for self-developed plug-in signatures licensing about Adobe Reader


      Our company is doing something in the field of electronic certification industry, which uses adobe reader to sign PDF files based on various signature algorithms. While, there is a problem about that adobe reader does not support PDF signature based on the signature algorithm of SM2. To solve the problem, we have developed an API file. And now, we can use the Adobe Professional version sign files Successfully, only by put the API file under the folder named Adobe plug-in, but not work well on Adobe Reader. According to the documentation, such as http://www.adobe.com/cn/devnet/reader/ikla.html and http://www.adobe..com/content/dam/Adobe/en/devnet/acrobat/pdfs/plugin_apps_developer_guide .pdf, in Adobe Acrobat Reader, a self-developed plug-in we have developed need to be signed or obtain the relevant certification  before use.

      If we propose certification and licensing applications to Adobe to ask the possibility of obtaining permission for us to develop a plug-in, what are the specific processes and requirements we need to known?Any useful information, I would be grateful. (Including the information we need to provide, as well as the cost and the certification time, etc.)

      Many thanks!


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          Although the Reader plug-in technology is based on signatures, this is not the right forum to reach people who might have the answer. You need the Acrobat SDK forum.


          I should say, though, that all available information is in the first link you quoted, and I recommend you apply immediately because past discussions show that it can take a long time.  The application form clearly gives the information needed e.g. "Please provide a full and complete detailed description of the features, functionality, purpose and uses of the plug-in". Be accurate and thorough. Remember that Adobe reject many requests, and do not need to give a reason. Remember that a purpose of the program, arguably almost the only purpose of the program is to protect and encourage revenue and you may have to replace revenue lost from sales of Acrobat. The cost of DRM plug-ins is quoted, all others are by negotiation (well, Adobe quote you a value, I don't think there is much scope for negotation in reality).