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    create outlines has always sort of screwed me.  where am i going wrong in my process?


      just to give a bit of history - in class we learned to create a rough template of where to place text using guides and to convert text to outlines at the end for printing.
      i feel like i must have missed something because after that i can never edit the text again, so if there is a problem and i have to change something i have to from scratch.  am i supposed to not save the file after creating outlines but merely export it as a pdf?  it also messes me up with regard to the guides since the text box shrinks, and when is it preferable to add a stroke?  it seems like it's easier to add after i've created outlines.  if i do it before it seems to alter the text.


      i feel like i need to review some basic tutorials for the program.   any tips or help i would really appreciate.


      edit:  i've noticed a lot of people saying i don't need to create outlines when i export to pdf so i'm not sure when or why you would do it then...