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    Integrate Google Calendar API with Business Catalyst

    Luke Grayson Level 2

      Hi there,


      I don't think this can be done but thought I'd ask here before throwing in the towel.


      I have a client website that uses an embedded Google Calendar. Uses iframe, works great, no issues.


      The client (a school) would like to display a list of upcoming events for the year (term dates, holidays, important events, etc), using info from the Google Calendar (which we input in the Google Apps end).


      I've looked at the "Agenda View" (Change calendar views - Calendar Help) but it is too inflexible to accomplish what I'm wanting. I've also tried FullCalendar (FullCalendar - Full-sized Calendar jQuery Plugin) and this also insufficient for what we're trying to do. I've also looked into is parsing the Google Calendar RSS feed as a list of events, but I believe I need access to server-side code for this.


      I'm sure the Google Calendar API will enable me to do everything I want but my understanding is that it relies on being able to access server-side code which of course isn't possible with BC.


      Has anyone found any way to integrate the Google Calendar API, or have any workarounds, suggestions, etc, that I haven't already covered?


      Thanks in advance for your time and help.