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    packageForPrint() problem

    s_ashok Level 1


      * i unable to del the link folder

      * i cannot move the linkfiles to the root dir (ex: where the indesign file located)

      below are scenario.



      var myDocument = app.activeDocument;

      var docname = myDocument.name;

      var packagePath = myDocument.filePath+"/package/";

      var myDocFolder = new Folder(myDocument.filePath+"/");

      var myPackageFolder = new Folder(packagePath);


      myDocument.packageForPrint(myPackageFolder, false, true, false, true, true, false, false);


      var myLinkFolder = new Folder(myPackageFolder+"/Links/");

      var myLinkFiles = myLinkFolder.getFiles();




      for(i=0; i<myLinkFiles.length; i++) { var linkfile = new File(myLinkFiles[i]); linkfile.Move(myDocFolder, true); } myPackageFolder.remove();



      Please any help me on these.

      thanks in advance