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    All the elements on 3 of my spreads (links, texts boxes etc...) seemed to have compacted into a single point in inDesign cc!


      I was working on a multi-spread file (about 30 spreads) and all of a sudden everything seemed to disappear on 3 of my spreads, however I could see in my links panel that the information was still there. Nothing would select if I drug my cursor across the screen to select, but if I do a select all a small point in the middle of the screen would show as being selected (where the yellow arrow is pointing) and as you can see below below below contains all my links on that spread:

      Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 9.19.23 AM.png

      You can also see in the scale box I get the error that objects would leave the paste board, whether I plug in 200% or 5%.. same result. Also, you cannot try to click and drag to make it larger. Luckily I had an older copy of this file I could pull from, but if I tried to paste any information on these pages they would do that same thing as what was already happened on that page. Subsequently, Some elements on my master pages disappeared, and these elements were actually on different spreads than the ones I initally talked about. Has anyone ever seen this?? Is there a fix?