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    Possible Virus, duped copy of Flash Player?


      When I was browsing on www.imgur.com the browser window went white and a small window popped up telling me that I needed to update my flash player. There was no way to close the window, and whether I close the pop up or click on update it takes me to the following page:

      To prewarn you, when you open this link a file called setup.exe will automatically download

      http://downloads.stazva.com/FPlayer/UK/auload.html?installer=Flash_Player_13_for_Other_Bro wsers&browser_type=KHTML&dualoffer=false


      Clearly this website is intended to look like your own install site, and has the link to McAfee security too, but I don't believe this is the official Adobe flash player. While it says I can check the adobe terms and conditions once again clicking this downloads setup.exe


      I ran Kaspersky antivirus and it found a number of problem files, though had no issue with the setup.exe file itself.


      Can anyone help me as to whether I'm being too suspicious, or affirm my fears that this is some kind of virus?