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    Slow, smooth InDesign-animation


      Hi everyone!


      I'm just doing a presentation in InDesign and I want my background-images to move very slowly from the left to the right, just to have a dynamic and modern feeling.

      My problem is: The anmiation is not smooth enough (for me) and I have the feeling that I missed an option to correct this. The image seems to jump from pixel to pixel instead of moving smooth and slowly and this makes it very confusing to look at it.

      I want it to move for example about 30 px to the right in about 30 seconds, you can see it jump one pixel a second.


      Has anyone suffered the same problem? Or is InDesign "just not made for these kind of things"?


      Would be really glad if I got some help And please excuse my poor english...

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          InDesign animation features includes only a limited subset of what can be done in a real animation application. I think you'd be more happy working in Edge Animate (HTML/JavaScript) or Flash Professional (Flash).

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            Scag Level 1

            Thank you Steve but I don't want to use another software.

            Partially solved the problem by increasing the size of my document from 1024px to 2048px. This does not make a difference since my presentation is going to run on fullscreen-mode anyways.


            If there are other settings that could help, please tell me