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    Blog Tags for Web Apps

    Ryan Perez Level 1

      Hi there,


      I would like to create blog tags (keywords) for a blog I created with web apps, but I am unsure how to do this. The tags would go underneath blog post, as well as on the side bar of the blog in detail view. How would I do this?


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          Chad - ChicagoDigital.com Level 1

          Hello Ryan Perez,

          There may be a better/easier solution, but these are my thoughts.


          So you have a web app for the blog, we'll name this one Blog Posts. Then create a second web app named Blog Tags. Now the only real downfall to this is that you will also have to create a category for each tag.


          So in the Blog Tags web app the only field will be the category id for the tag you created, and the name of the item will be the categories name. 


          Create a field in Blog Posts called Tags and set it to Data Source - Blog Tags. This will give you a set of links to the details view of the Blog Tags items.


          Within the Blog Tags detail layout add this and only this - {module_webapps,[blogTagsWebAppID],c,{tag_tag ids}}


          Then create a custom list view for Blog Posts that just output the "tags" field, and it will give you a bunch of a tags you can click on.


          Hope this helps.

          Chad Smith