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    Page Numbering FIASCO!!!!


      Page Numbering - So much difficulty with figuring out page numbering. I put automatic page numbering text boxes in my master pages. My master pages are "facing pages."

      When I started out, my entire document was also set up for "facing pages." My printer later told me that I need to have everything on separate, single pages. I turned off the "facing pages" option and now all the page numbers are ONLY SHOWING UP on the left side....what the honky tonk? How do I fix this??

      Also! I want the page numbers to show up OVER background images. I looked up a solution on these forums. I tried adding layers (a blank box) underneath the page number on the master page. But even after putting layers into my master pages, they are still not showing up on top of background images in my document.

      I may have to go through and insert text boxes in all 200 pages of my document. My mind is REELING at the very thought of this task. Please help ASAP!!!

      Finally--after paying so much for Adobe CC every month, I really hoped that there was a customer service telephone line that I can ask questions to. But I can't seem to find one for product questions like this one. Do you guys know if there's a phone number out there for the InDesign gods?


      Would sincerely appreciate a speedy response. I have to send this to the printer in about 5 hours. Lord help me.

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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          To get your master page numbers on the top, make a separate layer that has only page numbers on it. Move that layer to the top of your layer stack.


          As far as the separate single pages, are you giving the printer PDF files? If so, you can leave your InDesign document as facing pages, and still output the PDF as individual pages.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Go back to the facing pages layout. Facing pages ARE single pages, they're just displayed as spreads for your convenience in designing as the reader will see them. Your PDF will be single pages unless you choose "Spreads" in the export dialog. Make sure you are exporting to PDF (Print) and not PDF (Interactive) which is the default when ID is installed. Changing it to Print will stick until you change it to Interactive again.