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    Setting up PayPal integration. Must my PayPal email address be the same as my FormsCentral e-mail addresss?


      Hi. I  volunteer for 501 (c) non-profit and am assisting our volunteer treasurer in getting a PayPal account established so we can "link it" to our FormsCentral account. We hold workshops and want to give our attendees the option of paying online in addition to registering.


      I've instructed our treasurer to establish a PayPal account with his official treasurer email account address.  This is so that he get's regular updates from PayPal as to account activity, etc and pull the transactions to our org's checking out as needed and doesn't need to worry about the forms administration part.


      I understand that only one verified PayPal account can be associated with one FormsCentral account.  I just want to make sure that they don't need to be the same "email address."


      Can this can be confirmed please?  Thanks so much! 


      --- MCK