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    AE bugs and warnings

    lornaimw Level 1

      Hi all.


      I've kinda stuck two queries in one here, but my question is more about the bugs in general that 1 specific 'fix'. Seems I've massively gone wrong somewhere!


      The project I'm working on has 2D and 3D comps (AE camera etc not C4D). A lot of pre comps in my panel but not hideously precomped comps if you get what I mean? I use illustrator and photoshop but in this case all graphics are in illustrator.


      Does any one get the error below? It then goes on to say you have another chance to save your project and then closes down your aep. I found this was happening today when I was trying to duplicate layers with key frame information or masks. I could copy plain layers, or drag in from the viewer window. But copying anything with a movement or even just the layer having a mask was enough to set this off. Very confusing? Not sure what it is...




      This second one happens a lot with just 2D projects. Graphics have come from photoshop and illustrator and will come up with this kind of error when importing, you have to click it about 10 times before it's opened and closed enough of the warning windows (I presume this is to do with the amount of layers in the file?) and then once it has opened, it seems to open totally the wrong file but might still be layered fine, its just not the one I want, or it will open the file I asked it to but each layer will be like its in a jpeg sequence and I know I didn't select that. So my vector graphics are no longer vectors and it's all a bit silly!

      ae error.PNG


      These errors haven't come up again yet today, but they may still do! Normally a close of AE will fix it, but also restarted my computer and re imported graphics to make sure that they were all correct, new and not corrupt. The 'After Effects Debug Event' kept happening no matter what I did (if I tried to copy an offending layer) but I didn't want to go back to any previous work before the error occurred and I'd just done a great chunk, about to save, and that happened! AH!


      I hope this actually makes sense, if anyone else has experienced these then please let me know if there's anything I can do to change my workflow to fix them!


      Thanks everyone