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    Changing DataGrid sorting type




      I have a dynamic Flex4 DataGrid, where I don't know in advance how many columns I will have (or their type),

      how many rows, etc.

      By default they are sort based on first column (kind of index).

      I expect most columns to be Strings, but there will be some Numeric,

      and they might have negative numbers, so users tend to sort based on those.

      And when it tries to sort as alphanumeric on those with negative numbers, it is pretty ugly.


      How can I make Sorting aware of column data type, and sort numerically

      if it is numeric column, and alphanumeric if it is a String?


      Should I in onCreationComplete iterate through all columns, defing numeric sort for each numeric column?

      Or is there a better way doing it?


      Please advise.





      P.S.: using 4.5.1