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    Coldfusion 10 changing cftoken and cfid on every call when load balanced


      I seem to be having the issue described here



      I have a Coldfusion 10 server.

      It maintains sessions (via cookie) just fine UNTIL I load balance it with another CF 10 server.

      When I do that, the cftoken and cfid cookies change on every hit to the web server.

      Since the user login information is tied to the cftoken and cfid (stored in a database somewhere) the user will be logged out if these change.

      The exact same production code works fine with two load balanced CF 8 servers.


      my cfapplication looks like this:

      <cfapplication name="Pappy"



        setDomainCookies = "Yes"

        sessiontimeout="#CreateTimeSpan( 0, 8, 0, 0 )#"



      if it matters client variables are stored in an sql server instance and are being stored just fine.


      The bug is marked fixed in:

      Bug#3593673 - Domain attribute of cfcookie is always trimmed to .domain.tld


      I am on 10,0,13,287689 and this bug was fixed in 286333 according to the bug reference above.