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    Preload data from remote object

    Dr._Goomba Level 1
      I have a bunch of classes whos properties need to be preloaded before parts of my application are initialized. I say parts because the user may never visit a certain section of the application so it seems silly to preload a bunch of data at the app init if its not going to be used. For example, if the user is only going to view music, then there is no point in loading all the genres, studios, collections, etc for the movies section. Now when the user does select the movies section (which displays all the movies in a data grid were the use can double click to open the details window), i want the genres/studios/collection arrayCollections to already be loaded before the details window opens. This way they will load once in the application, rather than being called from the db each time the detail page is called.

      Now i have this all working to an extent, but i don't have a sure fire way of guaranteeing ALL the data is loaded before the details window is open. Right now i am simply creating a new instance of the class in the master page and then setting the arrayCollections in the details page to the loaded arrayCollections in the master. This seems to give me mixed results, sometimes they are all loaded, sometimes not.

      When i have researched preloaders/loaders etc all that i am finding has to do with either preloading images, swfs, xml data or text files at application init. Nothing however from a classes which are calling data from a remote object database call.

      Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated!