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    Showing the whole browser screenshot in a simulation?


      I'm creating a website tutorial where the user simulates logging in and getting around the various parts of the website. However, I'm creating this at a smaller resolution- 800x600, so of course the screenshots I am using are too large. It seems like my choices are to fit the image to the stage so that it's immersive and you can see everything, but then everything looks distorted and odd. Or I can keep the correct aspect ratio so you can see everything, but then there is a blank white space above and beneath the image, which takes you out of the experience, as well as makes the text on the site harder to see, since it is shrunk. Or I can make it full screen by just cropping out areas of the screenshot that the user isn't interacting with. The only problem with this is that it seems like it might not look great when users log into a simulated web site and only see a small part of it with everything else cropped.


      I know that simulations are popular with Captivate, so I'm wondering if anyone has a recommendation of what people generally do in this situation, a workaround, or what looks best.