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    How to obtain an ID for Digital Editions


      Hello, at 21:30, 10/06/2014, I downloaded and installed Adobe Digital Editions 3.0 on my Windows 7 laptop in order to read eBooks (on my Sony Xperia Z 4.4.2 android tablet, Samsung Galaxy S3 4.4.2 android phone, and Apple iOS7  iPad 4). The software installed on my laptop without error. I tried to create an ID but my Opera browser generated an error message and '404 page not found'. I tried again to create an ID but Adobe informed me that my email was already in use. I checked my hushmail.com email account and no message from Adobe. It looks like Adobe has created an ID and registered my account but has not issued the ID to my email account. This means I am unable to use Adobe Digital Editions. How do I recover my ID? Is the easiest solution to just create another email account and have the ID sent there? Suggestions and help much appreciated.


      By the way, am I right to assume I can use Adobe Digital Editions to send eBooks to android and Apple devices?


      Cheers, Sister Lazarus (UK)


      Follow Up - I managed to verify my copy of Adobe Digital Editions. The ID required is simply the email used for registering with Adobe. Doh!


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