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    Is there a fix for using the HTML5 Canvas on Safari V5?

    BW_Ellis Level 2

      I have just completed my fist site with the new HTML5 Canvas feature on Flash CC and it works beautifully on every browser and at every size except Safari V5. I get that Apple has stopped supporting Safari on the PC and that V5 is where they stopped, and that only .3% of the population view sites on this browser but I would like my site to function properly on all the browsers, not most of them. This error rears its ugly head when using the height:100% attribute on any image out there, something I have had to clean off quite a few sites, even a few of my own, but I do not see anything in the code to suggest that this is being used here. I will dive deeper into the code but this is a weird one, anyone else bump into this one?


      The site is here: http://adept-digital.com