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    Can No Longer Drag JPG files From Finder Directly Into .fla Stage?


      For the past six months I have been following a manual process to convert JPG files (exported from InDesign) into SWF files for display advertising assets. 


      Using pre-built FLA files as templates (configured with clicktags):


      1. Open FLA templates (3 separate files for 3 IAB ad sizes)
      2. Drag JPG from Finder directly into stage of FLA file, aligned to
      3. Publish to output folder for renaming


      Today, for no apparent reason, I can no longer drag anything into the stage of any FLA file.  Not just the pre-built templates.  Nothing will drag & drop into an FLA stage. 


      What I have tried:

      • Restarted Mac
      • Reset Flash preferences


      What I know I can still do:

      • Drag files from Finder into the Library, and drag into FLA stage from there
      • "File > Import to Stage..."
        • This works but because of my naming convention it prompts to import them all each time because Flash sees the sequence
        • This is not another step I am willing to contend with for my manual workflow


      Me and my creative team need to process hundreds of assets like this each week, so I'm very anxious to discover why functionality that was working, suddenly stopped.



      MacBookPro Retina OS X 10.8.5

      Flash CS6 v.