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    I have an issue with Adobe which I don't know if its 'genuine'


      On my laptop, I have many issues (most irrelevant). One of my many issues is when I am on many (trusted) sites, I get directed to this:


      http://new.flash-playsers.us/Player1/C/update-uk.php?installer=Flash_Player_11_for_Other_B rowsers&browser_type=KHTML&dualoffer=false


      On that it is telling me i need to download adobe, but I don't know/think it is genuine. The 'dilemma' is, last time I had this issue (only a month or so ago) I decided to go to the adobe website, and re-download the Adobe Flash Player. That has stoped that link coming up completely....until the last few days....Do I need to download Adobe Flash again, or is that link not genuine?