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    Adobe Products Sold Illegally


      I do not appreciate being a victim, but that was my experience after purchasing Adobe's Premiere Elements 11 and Photoshop Elements 11 from an unauthorized dealer, TechNetMicro.com.   I was directed to their site using a competitive pricing Web site.  Despite TechNetMicro having the appearances of being a legitimate vendor, I called first to verify what they were offering.  Thus far it all seemed very promising, so I placed the order.  I promptly received the two software applications in proper Adobe packaging and successfully installed Photoshop; but that was not the case with Premiere.  The Premiere disc either had no content whatsoever, or the content was completely unreadable (verified by two other PCs).  I immediately phoned TechNetMicro about the problem and they agreed to send me another copy.  But when I attempted to install it, another problem occurred.  Despite the disc having content and initiating an installation, the provided key code was invalid.  When I phoned TechNetMicro again, the service agent continued putting me on infinite hold no matter how many times I called.  They were obviously avoiding me.


      I soon contacted Adobe about my experience, as well as the Better Business Bureau, both taking an interest, but would / could not compensate me for any loss since the vendor I chose was unauthorized.


      A few months later when starting Photoshop Elements 11, an Adobe applet appeared requesting that I re-enter the key code for activation, but the key code provided with the product no longer was being accepted.  Apparently I had been sold a trial version of that software.


      How does a customer know if a vendor is authorized or not to sell an Adobe product?  You cannot simply accept a vendor's word.  The only method of insuring whether Adobe has sanctioned a vendor is through Adobe.  So where does Adobe provide this list of sanctioned vendors, or a listing of those that are known to be unauthorized and / or committing illegal sales of Adobe products? Apparently, none exists for public viewing.  Providing such lists would greatly improve the Adobe experience when seeking their products at competitive prices.  It would greatly lessen the chance of purchasing and spreading corrupted, trial-only, illegal versions of Adobe software.


      Providing lists of authorized and unauthorized dealers would only enhance the integrity of Adobe and increase public awareness to a pervasive problem.