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    High CPU and Memory consumption while marking on ADE 3.0.86137


      Hi everyone:


      While I'm reading with ADE  I like to mark important things with simple marking (one Ctrl-M) and very important important things with double marking (two Ctrl-M), both of these operations consume too much cpu on my PC, the application becomes unresponsive for even 10 seconds, and I have to wait to continue reading.

      I've observed that this behavior happen on books with many marks and it doesn't happen on books with only a few marks or none at all.

      During these kind of events the ADE process increases its memory consumption (from 110MB to 174MB for example) and after a while (1-3 minutes)  the memory consumption returns to their original level.

      The behavior is the same if I run ADE under Win XP or Win Vista, I don't see too much disk access and my PC has a Intel Core i3 processor so I don't think I have problems because the processor.

      Is there any configuration or fix I can apply?


      Thanks in advance.

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          lrg Level 1

          Finally, the only solution I found was to have different *.annot files (located at the My Digital Editions\Annotations directory). For instance, I have a MyBook.annot.Chapter1-6 file and another one called MyBook.annot.Chapter6-10, and when I need to see the chapter 3, I rename the MyBook.annot.Chapter1-6 to MyBook.annot.

          To continue reading and marking I have to do the reverse operation returning to the original MyBook.annot file.

          That's the worst solution I've ever implemented but it works: With many small annot files I'm able to continue marking my books without stopping too much neither consuming too much cpu and memory.

          I hope Adobe correct this because is annoying to be stopped while reading because this issue.