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    Leading & Vertical Spacing Problem

    thanser Level 1

      Here's one for you.


      I have a 77 page document I'm working on. Let's say you have two text frames next to each other, positioned exactly the same, vertically. They're aligned like two columns.


      Font family, point size and leading are the same in both text frames. Exactly the same! Text and paragraph styles are in use, and one paragraph style is a bulleted list. The bullet is a Zapf Dingbat.


      However, I have the hardest time getting text in both columns to line up, vertically. I can't figure out why and I'm struggling to adjust the leading between each line, and that isn't working very well.


      I cannot see why these two text frames, with the exact same type characteristics, won't line up . Hard returns are used between each line.


      What am I missing?  I can create a new document with the same layout (two text frames) and I can get the text to line up perfectly, vertically.


      Any suggestions?