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    Loading video in an SWF - like flash games

    GregConnTelevirtual Level 1
      I was wondering if there is a special method to loading a video in an SWF.

      I'm trying to load a video of a fairly static character speaking. Currently i load it as sequence of frames from the timeline , this is proving very slow on lower end machines as loading bitmap after bitmap causing the refresh rate on some machines to drop below the required framerate.

      The problem i'm having is that the character is separated into parts and the video is only of the body so loading externally isn't ideal as i'd have to line up line up the external video perfectly to avoid a tear (although i'm sure this is doable).

      So my questions are:
      is there a better way to do it?
      how is it done in games?
      how are the videos kept so small?
      Is FLV the way to go and can anyone direct me to a good tutorial?
      Does anyone know how Microsoft get Ms Dewey to run so smoothly and keep up it's framerate? (just as an example as to me it looks quite high fidelity)

      cheers in advance