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    Recent improvements to Parfait

    brucebowman Employee Moderator

      The team has busy fixing bugs, adding new features, and generally improving Project Parfait. Here are some recent changes, that we would love to get your feedback on:


      + Support for Layer Comps. If your PSD has Layer Comps, you can toggle them in the menu that is just left of the Zoom controls.

      + New Eyedropper tool. Sample colors from bitmaps in your PSD. Takes transparency into account, and is not affected by your display's color profile.

      + Support for CSS Preprocessors. So far, we've added SCSS + Bourbon, and LESS + Hat. Let us know if there are others we should add.

      + Units for fonts can be displayed in pixels, ems or rems. A Base Font setting allows you to override the default - ems and rems will be calculated using the Base Font.

      + CSS for Gradients is more accurate, and has improvements for some of the less common gradient types.

      + Click to Copy Position and Size in the blue HUD when you have something selected.

      + Cursor changes to provide hints and feedback as you work in Parfait.

      + In-product feedback. Simple yes/no questions presented to you in the context of the operation you just performed. We hope these are unobtrusive and easy for you to help provide feedback to us.

      + Parfait is now smarter about when your Creative Cloud login token expires, and prompts you to login.

      + Improved cross-browser support.


      We welcome your feedback and comments, either here in the Forums, or in the Chat pod in Parfait.



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          Great stuff - especially Layer comps and LESS hat - off to try out these new features now

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            brucebowman Employee Moderator

            Hello everyone,


            The team has kept busy improving Parfait, and we pushed a new build today with some new features for you to try. As always, please do provide feedback. We're eager to hear how these features work for you, and whether we can improve them. Even just a quick note to say one of them works well for you would be helpful and appreciated. We would love building Parfait to be an even more collaborative effort with our users.


            + Percentage-based measurements. You can now toggle between pixels and percentages in the blue info overlay when selecting one or two objects in Parfait. We definitely need feedback on this feature!

            + Typekit integration. Parfait now checks the Typekit library to see if the fonts used in the Photoshop file, and provides links to the webfont equivalents.

            + Asset Scaling. Parfait now allows you to enter relative scaling as 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, even .5x now when you are exporting assets. We don't yet support entering an exact dimension, but will soon.

            + Improved Selection model. Now, we use alpha based hit testing rather than bounding box selection. This makes it easier to select what you want when items are close together.

            + Improved cross-browser compatibility.

            + Bugs and tweaks to improve performance and user experience.


            The Parfait team is going to be on vacation beginning June 28, returning July 7, but we're eager to have your feedback. Please use the chat pod in Parfait, or comment here in the forums, and we'll replay as soon as possible.