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    How do you improve the speed of processing and printing of PDF from CAD in indesign?


      I work for an engineering consultancy company and for a long while I have suffered with using PDFs files generated from AutoCAD when placed within an InDesign report. There are three issues that arise:


      1. The files take a long time to process when preparing the InDesign report. (This is mainly in high quality preview mode)
      2. The files take a long time to export to PDF
      3. (The most annoying one) The files take a long time to process and print when sent from the PDF to the colour laser printer. So much so, a single page from InDesign that contains a PDF generated from CAD can take up to 15 mins to print.


      I have tried converting the PDFs to jpegs prior to insertion into the InDesign document, but the quality and colour is dramatically reduced thus them useless. Is there any pre processing on the PDFs generated from CAD that I can do to reduce the impact that it has within InDesign and in the post processing?


      We also get missing font warnings that arise from the inserted PDFs from CAD that may or may not be an issue. Your advice here would also be appreciated.


      I would be the first to admit that I am not the most advanced user of InDesign though I am sure that my workflow could be improved to alleviate the situation.


      Your assistance would be appreciated!