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    How long before I get a refund on google play?

    Annyoid Level 1



      I purchased 'Adobe Photoshop Touch' on Google Play today (Wednesday 11th June 2014) and selected 'refund' after 4 minutes.


      The reason I requestd a refund was that I confirmed a fault which another buyer had posted about, namely,

      I was unable to export a picture (in jpeg OR png) from the PS touch gallery, as both file types could only be selected but not 'saved'.

      This was because the export or save button was grayed out and was therefore inactive.


      Having determined this to be a fault I hit the 'refund' button in google play on the PS apps page. (Approximately 4 minutes after the install)

      This resulted in the removal of the app from my Android tablet, but NO reversal or refund has shown up.

      In fact my bank account only shows the debiting of my money for this purchase.


      Can anyone kindly inform me as to what has happened here?


      Thank you.

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          Ignacio Barrientos Adobe Employee



          this is something that Google probably knows better than we since it's their store and the transaction is between them and you.

          For refunds they are normally not instantaneous - even if they are bank transactions can still take several days depending on country.

          If you have a problem with refunds and Google play you should probably contact


          If you managed to press the Refund button it should be on it's way.

          I would however give them a day or two.


          I understand your problem but I'm not sure if you understood the feature correctly.

          To export images you need to select the images that you want to save.

          What you need to do is to

          1. select export

          2. select the images you want to export

          3. press OK button (since you need at least one selected asset to be able to press the button)




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            Annyoid Level 1

            Well thank you very much Ignacio!

            First, for replying so quickly,And second, for clarifying how to do the gallery save / share.

            I feel like a bit of an idiot really, and I'm sorry I assumed the app was at fault.

            If I hadn't been so quick to decide, I could maybe have figured it - maybe not (not sure).

            Anyway, I wish I could reverse things and have the purchase again, only now I'm not surewhen/if the refund will actually come through from google.

            Google seem very quick at pulling the money, but very slow at returning it.

            Anyway Ignacio, I do thank you again very much, and this has raised my view ofAdobe considerably.

            Kind Regards to you,Steve Barber,Western Australia.

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              Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

              It's 15 minutes from time of download to get a refund. (At least here in the USA; I imagine it's similar in other countries too.) Otherwise, you'll have to go through channels like Ignacio mentioned.


              Good thing, though, in this case, right? 


              One thing people should be aware of with PS Touch is that it's modular; there's a project-management UI and there's an image-editing UI. Closest thing I can think of offhand that kind of, sort of matches it is Lightroom with its modules.

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                Annyoid Level 1


                Thanks - I was aware of the 15 minute limit, (I hit the refund button after just a few minutes so that I wouldn't miss out).

                Warunicorn, I should've worded the title of this thread a bit better, like,  'How long does it take to get a Google Play refund deposited back into your account?'

                Sorry I wasn't clearer about that.

                Here's an update though....

                This morning I checked my account.

                Yesterday's actual debit amount has disappeared altogether from my bank account.

                So it's back to where it was before the purchase

                Now I'm able to purchase the PS Touch app for real - since the fault was operator error (me) - not the app...  So thanks...