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    Same Creative Cloud Sync Problems in 1.6.1 Update

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      Here is the link to my discussion concerning the problems with the creative cloud sync in the 1.6 update.

      Problems with creative cloud syncing after 1.6 update

      I am posting a new topic because it would appear that adding to it indicates that I am unaware of the 1.6.1 update.

      The most recent update of 1.6.1 has still not resolved the issues that I described in my original post. If you work on a pre-existing file and make a change, you end up with it not being saved to the creative cloud and an explanation point to the left of the filename or an additional file gets saved with the word conflicted added to the title. When you delete a file from your Photoshop touch app it still does not go to the archive in your creative cloud account.

      These are major problems with regard to trying to use the Photoshop touch app with your creative cloud account. I am extremely disappointed that Adobe has not addressed these issues in this most recent update. I am utterly frustrated that Adobe has not responded to my post with anything more than we are looking into it. So I continue to pay for a service that does not work.

      I wish to make it very clear that these problems with the syncing from my Photoshop touch app to the creative cloud or the very same issues that occurred after the 1.6 update. Nothing has been fixed with regards to these problems in this 1.6.1 update. Please refer to the link above for further information. Can anyone from Adobe actually help?