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    Show / hide 3D windows depending on user's choice


      Hi everybody.

      I am trying to create a pdf with several 3D models inside a single page. The aim to show only a single 3D model on a designed area, on the basis of the choice of the user (e.g. selecting a different option for each 3D model by means of buttons or dropdown boxes). I tried to work with layers, creating a layer for each 3D model, but when I import them, Acrobat converts the 3D contents in 2D contents (images).

      Therefore I am now thinking of placing on the same area all the 3D models I need and use Javascript to show only the 3D windows that i need and to hide all the others. Another option could be bringing to front only the needed 3D window.

      Unfortunately I am not familiar with Javascript and I hope that somebody here could help me with my task.



      Thanks in advantage and sorry if my English could be bad.