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    upgrade to coldfusion 11


      I'm working for a few years on a school.
      When I started working they were using Coldfusion 9 Enterprise.

      I would like to upgrade to Coldfusion 11 Standard.
      Looking at Buying guide | Adobe ColdFusion I can' t see a reason to buy the Enterprise for our small website.
      Or is there a good reason?


      Is it possible to upgrade from Coldfusion 9 Enterprise to a Coldfusion 11 Standard and migrate it from one server to another?

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          Carl Von Stetten Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          If you only run one website, and aren't doing any clustering of ColdFusion and using any of the Enterprise-only features (you'll have to look at one of the feature matrices to see what is Enterprise-only), then you should be fine with Standard.  There are a couple of ways to migrate your settings.  If you create a CAR file from CF9 Administrator, you should be able to import it into CF11.  Just make sure you install CF11 first as a trial (no serial number) and in standalone mode.  Then import the CAR, then once all the settings have been migrated correctly, put in the Standard serial number.


          -Carl V.

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            ict-centraal Level 1

            First I will test the Coldfusion 11 in my testenvironment, ESXi.

            Create a snapshot and the upgrade to version 11 Standard edition.
            And the see if everything on the website is still working.

            Hoping everything works with the standard edition: the price difference between standard and enterprise is rather big....