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    Edge Animate designer is very slow with many elements




      We have many pages with many of elements (> 500) on them. For these pages actions such as

      • moving single or multiple elements
      • copying single or multiple elements
      • deleting single or multiple elements
      • loading
      • saving

      are painfully slow. And the more elements on the page the bigger the delays (it seems to grow exponentially with the number of elements). We have contacted support with this problem but didn't get any feedback after sending a test file - and yes we nudged the person.


      A way to reproduce the problem is to create 200 DIVs first, selecting them all and then duplicating them. This takes about 15 to 25 seconds depending on the CPU speed!


      The performance is so bad that we cannot proceed with our current project. So we need a solution urgently. Are others having the same problem? What have you done to improve the situation? Workarounds? Is there a new version of Edge Animate in sight with this problem fixed?


      Thanks for your feedback.