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    free cs2 version colors do not appear the same as my store bought cs2 version - tried everything


      i am running a fresh version of windows 8.1 on a new computer - i was running win xp on an older comp. when i went to install my old photoshop cs2 version i was forced to download a free cs2 version because mine isn't supported anymore. I did a compatibility check as well on win 8 VS CS2 on several different sites and they all come up saying it functions fine. It appeared to, but now i've got an issue. Aside from the register screen not going away (i registered successfully, it still comes back - i chose don't register next, it still comes back), i've got some color issues. firstly - please understand I am not a techie by any means so i hope my terminology and description makes sense.


      I have an old web project i completed in CS2 on my win xp OS and store bought software. it's perfect - the way i want it. now, when i open any of the same files on the new computer in win 8 with this free cs2 version - the blue colors are all purple. in cs2 right before opening the jpgs - the thumbnails appear ok until i click the file once - which then shows the thumbnail in the adobe's 'area' with the purple colors - and yes, the files all open in photoshop with the wrong purple colors as well. outside of photoshop, windows 8 and all related software show these files correctly - even online the website appears normal - the way i originally made it - asking some friends what they see, the feedback seems to be correct. if i draw something in the wrong purple tint and publish it on the web, it appears on the web in the correct blue i wanted in the first place.


      in adobe, i do see a bunch of color settings and i have tried all of them - literally - different combinations (not really knowing what i am doing). I've even had options set to keep the embedded color profile with the image when it opens which i thought was the solution - it still opens all purple. so now, i question anything i create, i have to ftp everything i make to my website and view it in a browser to make sure it's correct - this is obviously an ultimate waste of time and i cannot proceed like this -


      i've tried to get help on this through non-adobe resources and have had only replies about going in the color settings and other snarky replies about i should be upgrading to a newer version (i'm a starving artist and am already 'borrowing' this new computer).  i would really like to run my store bought software as well - i don't want to run a free version but it wouldn't approve the serial number saying those servers are down.


      so is this a windows 8 issue? it seems obvious the issue is in photoshop issue since the images are fine everywhere else, and photoshop has tons of color settings (i've used defaults in my store bought cs2 and the free cs2 - originally, i never changed a thing - never touched the options at all.


      any help would be great - wish i could show a screen capture but anything but when i capture in photoshop and then view outside of photoshop - the color formats are fine...