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    Complex Dropdown Menu

      I am trying to script a menu with a drop down menu that not only activates a secondary dro down menu, but also changes the background photograph to represent the button rolled over.

      I am lost as to the best way to do this. I am currently using individual MovieClips for each button (which have an image background fade in and the secondary drop down menu roll out) These movieclips are called when the buttons are rolled over, but the problem is, I want the secondary menu to stay out and usable until the user rolls over another button, in which the MovieClip would then be told to play the end animation (fades out) while the new dropdown menu for the new button rolls out and also changes the background image.

      I'm not sure how to do this - because each main button will need to determine if any of the other button's "MovieClips" have been activated, and then, if they are, to tell them to go to and play the end animation so that they disappear.

      I thought I'd use an "If" function to determine the location of the timeline of the MovieClips, and if they were at a certain frame (the end of the rollout animation), then they would be told to play the "end" of the MovieClip and then activate their own MovieClip.

      How can this be accomplished?

      Here's the test of what I've started so far -
      The "Dining Room" and "Favorites Corner" are the two buttons working right now - problem is, I can't tell it to turn off one when the other is rolled over...

      Thanks for any help!